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1 Arlington Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 1DH

TEL: 01323 735 635

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Radio Frequency

‘We have updated our equipment and the latest technology now allows us to do all the previous MPL treatments but virtually painlessly and with more effectiveness.

The pulsed light is combined with Radio Frequency which increases the heat at the target to make it more effective, yet is much more comfortable. It is also quicker so we have been able to revise our prices downwards.

We can also treat darker skins and lighter hairs, although regrettably not white or grey hairs.

In addition, the Radio Frequency, in its own right, is used for skin tightening so an ideal treatment for face, neck, upper arms, stomach and thighs.


What is Radio Frequency?

Radio frequency is one of the safest, least invasive and yet most effective anti-ageing treatment available to people of all skin colours.

In our early 20’s we have plenty of collagen in our skin.

However, with age our collagen production decreases, so that by the time we reach our mid 40’s it is barely in production and due to the lack of collagen we notice our skin loses elasticity, sags and forms lines and wrinkles.

Using the very latest Radio Frequency equipment we can stimulate your own natural collagen and tighten your elastin fibres to bring about long-lasting rejuvenation.