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1 Arlington Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 1DH

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We have a number of conditions we're able to treat at our clinic.


This is a condition where the skin on the face appears very red and inflamed particularly on the cheeks and nose. We use MPL to reduce the redness and inflammation.

Excessive underarm sweating

This, for some people, is a very distressing condition that can be treated with Botulinum Toxin injections into the affected area. The treatment is very easy and much less uncomfortable than people expect it to be. The treatment can last for a year or more in some people.

Skin lumps and bumps

These include cysts, skin tags, keratoses and other unwanted moles etc that the NHS will not remove because they are considered ‘cosmetic’.
We treat these with either liquid nitogen to freeze them or with minor surgery.

Facial Flushing

This commonly occurs in some people when they are embarrassed or after a drink of alcohol. We use MPL to remove the unwanted surface capillaries that are the cause of the flushing.

Thread veins

These are very common, particularly in women. Whilst it is possible to use Laser and IPL to treat them, we find we get best results from Sclerotherapy.

Other skin conditions

  • Fine facial lines/ wrinkles
  • Open or clogged pores
  • Flaking and dry skin
  • Oily and “dirty” skin
  • Milia
All of these conditions may be treated with Microdermabrasion and or Light Skin Peels. Both treatments are progressive procedures, which means a course of treatments may be recommended. We treat each case individually and recommend a personal treatment programme tailor made for your needs.

Sun and age damaged skin

This mainly occurs on the face, neck and hands and can result in blotchiness, redness, pigmented marks etc. We use MPL to remove much of the redness and the pigment and it also improves the smoothness of the skin by stimulating collagen production. This treatment is called Photo-rejuvenation.

Unwanted hair

This can be anywhere on the face or body, in men and in women and is treated using MPL. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on white hair but is a good treatment for hair with some pigment in it.

Facial Wrinkles and Lines

Botulinum (Botox®) is used to relax the muscles that cause the wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. Dermal fillers are used for softening the deeper lines that may develop around the mouth.